ppl who follow me when i have kink stuff on the first page of my blog are Strong and Honourable

hey im changing my kink tag to #beeps ??? just in case you blacklisted that

im so enamoured with the ark and project shadow??? it caught my imagination so much as a kid, even now the ark stages are such a huge reward to get to when playing sa2

you don’t have to send me numbers, just talk with me about sonic or steven universe or rc9gn or dtmg or soMETHING

i will protect aro sonic until i die

i have this habit of not drawing for days on end and then being shocked and frustrated when i can’t do it well anymore when i come back to it

you’d think i’d learn after, like, five years of doing this repeatedly

the trees outside my window are budding!!!!!

i’m too sonic for my own good, like 90% of the stuff i queue on starblogging as #spaceships are things that reminds me of the ARK, not stuff that feels like home

i really need to stop joking about aus, they always become serious things in the end

it stresses me out when people draw danny fenton with brown hair or spencer wright with black hair bc like… which one is it