rrrf i’ve been really angry and bitter lately, please call me out if i overstep any boundaries or am a jerk or anything

like idk, i don’t dislike dogs, they’re really awesome animals and they’re smart and cute and great, but they’re just very very different from what i’m used to since i’ve always had particularly laid-back cats?? it just makes me super uneasy that i can’t really read anything but basic emotions from them, and i can never tell if/when they’re relaxed. do they even relax???

there is a dog in my house right now

BC I DON’T KNOW HOW TALL I AM SO I JUST GUESSED, also all the shoes i wear have large soles/heels bc i am a tiny, tiny child

stephen frost could sneeze in a way that sounds vaguely like “sonic boom” and i’d get excited

okay, so, on the list of shows you Need to watch, wander over yonder is only very slightly below steven universe, don’t argue me on this just watch them both

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i hate going through the #dtmg tag bc everyone is super talented and i want to reblog everything

i hate billy joe cobra. get him the FUCK away from me