it just occurred to me: what if all the monsters in steven universe are transformed/corrupted crystal gems?? it’d explain why the main characters are the last that we know of, and also why the monsters explode and retreat into their gems like pearl did when they get defeated… and since they’re storing all those gems in garnet’s room, maybe they’re going to try to restore them? O:

a crow just flew by my window with a bunch of nest building materials in its beak

i should probably stop tolerating people with shitty, harmful opinions bc i like them otherwise, but i’m way too much of a pushover to ever actually do that haha


maxite. sonic is maxite, not maxine

it’s actually maxixe

maxite. sonic is maxite, not maxine

okay, but, like, hear me out on this one: the sonic cast as crystal gems

the silver the hedgehog tag is so, so bad

i wanna make a bunch of silly au/crossover stuff but i can’t draw anything worth posting

does anyone know shadow’s serial number?? i think i remember finding it once but i can’t find it again, i need it for reasons


rrrf i’ve been really angry and bitter lately, please call me out if i overstep any boundaries or am a jerk or anything